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Diva Sofa
Diva Sofa
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* Mattress is not included in the price.

* * Mattress size: Width 90cm , Length 190cm, Height 18 cm

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Diva Sofa, designed to appear as a stylish and comfortable sofa, provides a good view with decorative back panel and box shelves.

This is a single wall bed that can function as a sofa when closed.

Mattress sizes: Width 90cm , Length 190cm, Height 18cm.

It is a challenge to host your guests in small spaces and especially in one bedroom apartments. Putting a bed into the room would not leave free space for other furnitures. And solutions like daybeds do not provide the comfort for a night sleep.

Here is our solution for all these challenges; Diva Sofa!

Diva Sofa, designed to appear as a stylish and comfortable sofa, provides a good view with decorative back panel and box shelves. With an easy movement, Diva Sofa transforms into a 90x190cm standart bed when you need to rest or sleep

With Diva Sofa, you also have a big under-bed storage which you can use for your stuff.

Our product has 202cm width, 115cm height, 108cm bed-closed depth and 111cm bed-open depth

The mattress base is supported by aluminium frame and slats for extra comfort and increasing the durableness.s

Product Measurements; Width Height - Closed Depth Open Depth
Diva Sofa Bed Module202 cm113 cm113 cm108 cm111 cm
Diva Pano201,6 cm39,5 cm- cm- cm- cm
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Diva Sofa - Technical drawing
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Gain back your free space by easily hiding away your bed that occupies your room all day. Do not let your furnitures take up room when not needed. You can use the whole room freely as you like.
You have free space for everything by Gaysan Smart Furnitures. Our single furniture models serves with different functions for different needs thanks to their moving mechanisms. Your bed can transform into a wardrobe.
Todays houses are getting even smaller. Thus, our need for smart furnitures is increasing. Trust the space saving furnitures that are being produced by long years experience of Gaysan and stop furnitures occupying space in your house.
Do your children need more space for playing, or do you want to transform your saloon into a guest room when your friends come? Get more from your home by our foldable wall beds!
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